What the Bleep do we Know?

I watched a really great movie/documentary yesterday. It supports what the science of getting rich says so I had to tell you guys about it. This movie, I’m calling it that because even though it was many interviews on it, which I feel makes it very much like a documentary it really does a great job of having a storyline and keeping the watcher engaged that way as well. Sometimes documentaries, as interesting as they may be, can put me to sleep. This one was nothing like that. Here’s the trailer.

As soon as I finish this post I’m going to watch it again. It was DEEP I tell ya. It does a really good job of bringing together science and religion. I have never been a “religious” person. My family didn’t go to church when I was a kid. I think I went to Sunday school once with one of my friends. I did feel a huge loss growing up for not having gone to church, but I have to admit when I was in my mid-twenties I was beginning to wonder if there was something big that I was missing out on. I got my hands on a bible and I began to read the old testament.  OMG…..I got only a few pages read when I shut the book and said “this is not for me”.

It didn’t end here, however. I still felt as though there was something I needed to know about. My next door neighbor at the time gave me a book called “The Trick to Money is Having Some” by Stuart Wilde. Now church goers would probably think of him as the occult but what he had to say resonated with me. I shouldn’t say church goers either, that is incorrect. Let’s say religious freaks instead. I say this because I’m not opposed to going to church now that have a better understanding and I’m friends with many people who go. I also have a mentor who is all about God and the bible. Stuart Wilde was the trigger for my learning about all of the many possibilities there are in this world and how we play a part in our lives. A bigger part than many are willing to admit because then they couldn’t play the victim role anymore.

Here I’ve gone off into a rant about being responsible for our actions. I tend to do that often. I’m not even going to try to recap what the bleep. As I said I’m going to watch it again….probably more than once. I highly recommend giving it a view and see how it sits with you.

What Are We Waiting For?

I don’t know about you, but I am interested in making more money!!! I’ve always had my needs met I suppose, however, I look around and there seems to be a lot of moolah out there that would look great on my bank statement. I watched the Secret a few years ago and that got me fired up. Then I noticed my inspiration had dwindled. I was introduced to this book, “The Science of Getting Rich”. It said on the cover “The Secret Behind the Secret” I had to have it. I’ve read it, it’s amazing. I don’t want it to be like with the movie, where I get excited temporarily and then go about my business and back to my old ways. I heard or read somewhere that it would be better to read the same book 10 times than to read 10 different books. It said it takes hearing the same information many times in order to create change. By blogging about this book, my intention is to keep motivated and the best part is that I can motive others as well. I found a short clip on YouTube that I’ll share with you to give you a taste of what is to come.


Now how does that sound to you guys? Far fetched? I’ll have to admit, I didn’t just start drinking the kool-aid. It has taken some time for this to sink in and for my mind to stop judging and doing the best job possible to be negative and sabotage. Now that’s not to say that I don’t have to constantly still monitor what’s going on between my ears. I believe so much of our thinking and decision making started to form before we could even talk. How can we expect our behaviours to change from reading a book once or watching a cool movie a few times. I have my work cut out for me. I am ready to pull up my sleeves and put in the effort. It all starts now.